About Us



Introducing Kesha Murray, M.S., CEO of The Happy Bedroom Company and MommaKesha & CO!

Hello! My name is Kesha, and I have worn many hats in my South Florida community as a dedicated mother, activist, realtor, loan officer, teacher, tutor, and mental health counselor. I have my Master’s degree in School Psychology, but my passion has always belonged to sales, specifically the sales of health and wellness products and programs. After losing my father and my husband, and seeing my mother experience menopause and health issues, I couldn’t help but dive into the world of natural health. Today, I am a self-taught herbalist who has had the honor of empowering numerous customers to heal without the burden of expensive, synthetic solutions.

There’s nothing that makes me more excited than helping people partner with their own bodies to live happier, healthier lives. I love showing my clients who want to thrive that the barrier to entry is much lower than they think. Expensive solutions aren’t always the most effective ones. With a knowledgeable ally who’s dedicated to you, the world of natural solutions can make lasting, powerful changes for you.

I want to personally invite you to explore my variety of carefully considered products and book your Health Consultation with me. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you pave your path to lasting wellness!