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We’re on a mission to increase health and sexual wellness naturally for men and women, worldwide! Based out of South Florida, we offer natural foods, plants, herbs, supplements, and consulting services to empower you to take control of your life. Thrive your way today!


Happy Bedroom Sex Tea Capsules

Happy Bedroom Sex Tea Capsules

Separately formulated for both men and women, our Happy Bedroom Sex Tea capsules naturally restore vitality and joy to your sex life.

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 PowPow Tea Bags

Happy Breathing Tea Bags

Reinforce your respiratory / immune health with Happy Breathing Tea Bags. This is a natural, loose leaf herbal tea mix that you can drink hot or cold after the first 6 to 8 hour brew! Try it for yourself today.


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Since 2001, MommaKesha & CO has been transforming lives the natural way. Founder Kesha Murray is passionate about partnering with her clients to show them that a great quality of life is possible at any age. Kesha is a big-picture, whole-person kind of ally, which is why she offers everything from supplements to health consultations focused on sexual wellness. Get MommaKesha in your corner today!

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